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Robert C. Desaulniers' Journal
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Sunday, January 22nd, 2006
10:29 pm
Lyve Gernal
I'm doing great for the most part. After what seemed like a lot of waiting ,things with the band have started to roll. We finally got out of that shithole in Haverhill, and we now practice in Dinos basement, where he and his Pops are building a studio. The sound proofing is up, the frames for the walls are up, electrician comes tomorrow. After that its just putting up the dry wall, and painting, plus whatever else. It's mind boggling. We've been writing a lot, and have lots of shows next month. People have been saying very kind things, and it makes me happy that some folks like what we're doing. It's good to be back in the swing of things again.

Desert Sea shows:
2/2 TT the bears central sq cambridge,MA
w/the tender trio
9:00pm 18+

2/7 muddy river smokehouse portsmouth, NH

2/11 the worthen lowell, MA
w/ big big bucks (and hopefully now denial)

2/16 great scotts allston,MA
w/polaris mine, black army helicopter, and hallelujah the hills

there are a few more in the works but still unconfirmed
I'm pumped.
Sunday, December 18th, 2005
10:53 pm
the year 2005 AD
I forgot I had one of these things...

Seems like everyone is doing their year in review post. I had a good one, it was a little heavy, but I think I did a lot more than it feels like I did. As long as I accomplish a few things, I'm happy.

Favorite albums of 2005, in no order:
Company: parallel time
Deerhoof: runners four
Animal Collective: feels
Oneida: the wedding
Devendra Banhart: cripple crow
The Evens: s/t
Des Ark: loose lips sink ships
Lou Barlow: emoh
My Morning Jacket: Z
Dead Meadow: feathers
Mary Timony: ex hex
Akron/Family: s/t
Sleater Kinney: the woods

Dinosaur jr: youre living all over me
Orange Juice: glasgow school

R. Kelly: trapped in the closet

And that doesnt even cover all the old stuff I got into this year... There was a lot, I think I doubled my cd collection since last january.
I'm looking forward to 2006.
Saturday, August 20th, 2005
12:12 pm
new mp3s
I put up some new Desert Sea mp3s last night.

Also I will be playing by myself on Monday September 5th @ the red door in portsmouth, NH.
Brown Bird
Lewis and Clarke
Guilt Parade (thats my fake band name).
it starts at 8pm, $5 suggested donation
107 State Street
Portsmouth, NH 03801
(right above dos amigos)

This will be my first show alone so be there to watch me get nervous and embarass myself!

-Bob D.
Friday, July 22nd, 2005
4:18 pm
mellow my mind
Hello all,
My summer has been trucking along with ups and downs and mildly unpleasant indifference, but it's not over yet and I still have the chance to do a lot more. Last summer seemed more like a non stop party I think because I was only working part time, went cross country, started a new band, stayed up till 4am every night and was pretty fuzzy headed (which can be fun in moderation, but not a nesscessity). Either way things have changed in my life and (with almost every passing year) my future seems smaller and smaller, my options less, and I find it harder to just put my head down and charge forward without letting those thoughts affect me. What do I plan to do about it? We'll I've been staying up later and it seems to help, hah.
Still getting the drummer situation worked out, the downtime while scheduals are synched up is hard. Luckily Sean and I have been playing with our friend Derek A. in his project Alcoa. He needed an ensemble to add arrangements to his songs at some shows. We've been playing together and its going well. I thought it was going to be a temporary, informal thing (and it might prove to be) but I'm listed as a member on the myspace page (www.myspace.com/alcoa) and Derek asked me to contribute some of my songs to the set, so maybe this will become a "thing" I'm doing. That could be good. Anyway, I'm playing my first show in this setting next saturday

July, 30 2005 at portsmouth street festival
pleasent street [market square], portsmouth, NH 03801


I'm not sure when it starts, but I think we're playing after 5pm. Who knows.
-Bob D.
Wednesday, July 13th, 2005
8:02 pm
Anyone who was planning on going to the Middle East show I posted about before, don't go, because we're not playing. Tony's earthquake drumming was a bit out of place with us and we mutually decided to go our seperate ways. Compromise is nesscessary in all bands, but this was getting ridiculous, haha.
I harbor no resentful feelings towards the T-Man and I look forward to hearing his next project.
Sean and I have been playing with a new drummer and if he sticks around we'll begin playing out again. I am pumped for that. I am also pumped for Dinosaur jr and Bardo Pond this Friday. Muisc, music, music.
Wednesday, July 6th, 2005
11:04 am
upcoming show
Desert Sea
Friday 07/22/2005 09:00 PM - Middle East Upstairs
472 mass ave, Cambridge, MA 02138,US - $9
w/ Pennyred, Muck and the Mires 18+

We were asked to play a show the next day in Salem, NH at the masonic temple. I don't see why we wouldnt be able to, I just have to confirm with everybody. I will post more about that in the near future.

Fourth of July is not a holiday I have much fondness for, but I spent the weekend in NYC/Rhode Island with my lady. We ate some insane vegan cake, watched old Bad Brians footage (1980!) at a theater in Brooklyn, saw some snapping turtles and swans, and played with her beloved dog Rascal. It was a time.
Otherwise I hate my job and most other aspects of my life and I belive I need to shake things up. For starters I bought some new shoes and hung out with Steve Conrad... and it helped a little. :)
Wednesday, June 22nd, 2005
12:54 am
Hey I posted an mp3 on the Desert Sea myspace page (myspace.com/desertsea). It's mixed but not mastered so its quieter than it should be, but otherwise its decent.

We also have a show this Thursday night at New Direction in Haverhill, MA.
w/ Hamlot Idiot (members of tigersaw), The Zuti Fetish Expieriment, and These Lies
I belive it starts around 7-7:30.
For any of you that witnessed the wild off night we had in Portsmouth last Tuesday I apologize. We really don't suck that bad all the time. Shit was breaking and everything was sounding like a wet dog dick. It left me feeling very insecure, but I think it was just a fluke. Hopefully this show will be more cohesive.

Also Happy birthday to Laura and Natalie (as of yesterday).

Love -Bob D.
Tuesday, June 14th, 2005
10:29 am
Just a reminder, I have a show tonight in the sea coast area. It should be a thing.

Desert Sea
June, 14 2005 at muddy river smokehouse
31 congress st, portsmouth, NH 03801
w/late great planet earth and champ frankenstien
18+ 8pm

Tuesday, June 7th, 2005
11:52 pm
1,2,3 Shows
Hey everybody,
I (Desert Sea) have some shows coming up.
They are...
June 14th @ the Muddy River Smokehouse 21 congress st Portsmouth,NH
w/ the late great planet earth, and champ frankenstien
starts at 8pm I think, 18+

June 23rd @ new direction 246 winter st Haverhill, MA
w/hamlot idiot, and these lies
starts at 7 or 7:30pm I think, all ages

July 22nd @ the middle east upstairs 472 mass ave Cambridge,MA
w/ pennyred and muck and the mires
starts at 9pm, $9 18+

Our recording is to be mixed on the 20th of this month and mastered not too long afterwards I'm hoping. It should be ready for the middle east show with any luck. Mp3s will be posted on myspace.com/desertsea as well.
We're not a big merch band really but I have a few patches that my lady screened for me and I will give you one if you want.
I hope everyone is doing well. -Bob D.
Wednesday, April 20th, 2005
11:22 pm
little fury things
Well well well. My life is truly awesome these days. Spring/early summer is upon us at last and I wore my shitty cut off dickies shorts for the first time this season today. I'm sure by summers end they will have that yellow tint and weird smell that they always get.
Last monday and tuesday, the first sessions for the Desert Sea EP went down at zippah studio in Brookline. My studio experiences up to that point had been pretty dissapointing, but despite all the work we have left to do on it, I feel this is the closest I've come to getting what I want onto tape. Now we must add more overdubs, mix and master. As of now we plan on pressing/releasing it ourselves and I hope to have it out sometime this summer. So far it sounds decent and I look forward to finishing. We'll also be playing quite a few shows in the area as well, which I will post on here as soon as dates are confirmed.
Dinosaur jr is back together and playing the Avalon july 17th! Go with me if you want to see a man weep with tears of joy (and pain, as J, murph and Lou sonically melt my eardrums).
I've also found myself quite smitten with a certain gold tooth-ed NYC art student. It is her fault I can't wipe this smile off my face... Good grief.
<3 -Bob D.
Thursday, March 24th, 2005
11:32 pm
yes! fuckin yes!
will be playing on Wed June 1st 2005, 9:00 PM Doors
at Great Scott, 1222 Commonwealth Avenue, Allston MA
as part of Blackout Bar with DJ Mark V
There will be 2 support acts EHG is bringing with them
The event will cost more than a normal Blackout, $TBA
This is the full, original lineup of EHG

This year is the year of amazing shows! This year is the year of amazing everything!
Monday, March 14th, 2005
1:22 am
Holy Shows
3/26 Dead Meadow @ great scotts
4/12 M. Ward @ mid east downstairs
4/14 Sonic Youth @ somwhere in north hampton
4/17 Animal Collective @ mid east downstairs
4/23 MUDHONEY!!!!!!!@ mid east downstairs

... it makes me sad to think I won't make it out to all of these. I will do my best though.

Oh yeah: March, 15 2005 at Muddy River Smokehouse
21 Congress St, Portsmouth, NH 03820
Cost: 18+ = $5, 21+ = $3

The Texas Governor

Art Lord & The Self Portraits

Desert Sea

-Bob D.
Sunday, March 6th, 2005
6:17 pm
A show featuring me
The band 'Desert Sea'
Tuesday March 15 @ the muddy river smokehouse
w/ Texas Governor, Art Lord, and The Self Portraits
doors @7:30pm 18+ $5
21 Congress Street
Portsmouth, NH

This should be a time. Bring earplugs.
<3 -Bob
Wednesday, February 23rd, 2005
11:27 pm
shapes of things
Hello 'all,

I never posted about the show last week, but it went very well. Thanks to everyone who came out. I was actually pleased with our performance, and the audience enthusiasm was fantastic, how often do you get both?! Anyway, I was pretty happy about that all week.
On the subject of the band, if anyone has a camera and would like to take some ridiculous pictures of us, we're probably going to need some for press kits and whatever else soon. We're not looking to do a serious, 'make us look beautiful and detached' photo shoot, we just want a few shots of us practicing, or goofing off, whatever. ("Posed photos are poison" in the words of one T. Milano). We'll pay to have the film developed as well and we'll give you credit where ever theyre used.
We just need to buy a condenser mic to finish recording vocals and we'll have a couple mp3s up too. Hopefully that will be soon.
I hope everyone is loving life. -Bob D.
Monday, February 7th, 2005
9:30 pm
one more show post
Ok I know I already posted about this a few days ago but here's the offical show info.

DESERT SEA (my band, think love beads and fuzztone, space and time)
ALCOA (solo acoustic project... but not shitty)
TINY WHALES (from portsmouth, reminds me of the Good Life and the Pixies)
VALLEY (tight inde rock from Beverly, MA, ex burning paris)
TEXAS GOVERNOR (great catchy pop also from portsmouth)
DAMAGEPLAN (fuckin siq from Texas, i'll be standing in on axe for Dimebag RIP)

this is all happening on Friday February 18th
@ NEW DIRECTION (formerly exit 23)
246 Winter st Haverhill, MA 01830
doors are at 7pm
get there early, we go on first.
Saturday, February 5th, 2005
8:31 pm
Our First Show
My band 'Desert Sea' are playing our first show Friday Febuary 18th at New Direction (formerly Exit 23, u.f.i) in Haverhill MA. The band is Tony Milano on drums, Sean McAllister on the low end, and myself on guitar and vocals.
We are playing with Tiny Whales, from Portsmouth. I haven't heard them but I hear they are great.
We are still in need of 2 more bands. If anyone here wants on, or knows anyone who would, let me know asap.
Hope to see some of you there <3 -Bob
Tuesday, January 4th, 2005
1:01 pm
I felt obligated to share this
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Monday, December 27th, 2004
1:21 am
Year in review
This year was full of downers for the world (war, the election, so many celebrity deaths, etc), yet as for me personally it was among the best I've ever had. I accomplished quite a bit, and I feel I've grown with leaps and bounds towards becoming the person I'd like to be. A lot of good albums came out too, which is pretty nice. 2004 was awesome, 2005 will be even better I hope. Thank you to everyone who enhacned the greatness of this past year for me. <3 -Bob D.

Current Mood: accomplished
Tuesday, December 14th, 2004
12:31 am
do you feel alllllright... no
Bad news guys! Mr. Dynamite, the godfather of soul, mr. please please himself, nationally and internationally known as the hardest working man in show bid-ness, Mr. James Brown has contracted cancer. This is a bummer. Send him a get well email and hopefully he'll be able to throw that cape off and come back strong! JB@intriguemusic.com
-Bob D.
Wednesday, December 1st, 2004
12:34 am
This is true
black flag is love
brought to you by the isLove Generator

These type of things aren't my steeze but this one is on point.
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